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This declaration of accessibility was made on 30 August 2017.

The Flemish Fund for Tropical Forests wants to comply with the European guidelines on accessibility of government websites. This corresponds with the WCAG criteria level AA.

Compliance with this standard makes our website user-friendly and more accessible for different audiences.

This declaration applies to the website www.vlaamsfondstropischbos.be.

Elements that are not accessible

The detail page of the projects includes a Google Maps element that is not accessible. Alternatively the address mentioned next to the map in the project sheet can be used.

The language switch in the header is not accessible with the tab function. Solutions are being investigated for a language switch in the footer.

Problem with the accessibility of this website?

If you have accessibility problems with this website, despite the measurements we already took, please let us know. Take a look at our contact information.

If you believe that there is no or not sufficient respons on your feedback, you can context the Agency for Nature and Forests, attn. Jeroen Panis. As the leading official he supervises that the obligations regarding accessibility are being met.